Kathy Everts

Kathy Everts

DOB: 5/29/75

Family: Husband: Chad of Leadout Racing
Kids: Emma, Reid, & Tessa

Occupation: Nurse Anesthetist

Racing Category: Cat 2

Racing Experience (in years): Cycling: 5 yrs, Triathlons: since age 12, Runner: since my brother used to chase me home from the bus stop.

Bike(s): 2013 Trek Madone 6 Series (best bike ever!), Blue Norcross cyclocross bike, Kuota K-Factor TT bike, 1993 Trek 850 mountain bike (oldie but a goodie)

Favorite Race(s): Barry Roubaix, Kent ISD, Cherry Roubaix Crit, Grattan, and probably more that I missed. I really pretty much love them all.

Hobbies: Who has time for hobbies outside of racing, training, playing with the kids, cooking, cleaning, etc.

Why Do You Compete? It's addicting. There is nothing like a cycling race. You learn something new about how to race, about yourself, about others, etc in every race. No one knows how it's going to play out. Everyone has a plan, but you never really know how it's going to end up. It's exciting to see the race evolve in front of your eyes. It's a rush. Triathons and running races are also a lot of fun, but for different reasons. It's you against the clock. It's a test. How fast can your physical and mental training make you go? Can you push yourself harder? If you do, will you make it to the end?

What Is Your Favorite Race Memory? 2011 Cherry Roubaix road race. I kept getting gapped every time we hit that big hill by Sugar Loaf. On the last lap, I was straight-up dropped on that hill. Badly dropped. I tried to work with a couple other racers that were dropped, but that never worked out. We were all spent. I kept my head down and caught up with the pack with only 1 mile remaining in the race. I'm not sure how it all really happened, but I took off for the sprint finish thinking there was no way I'd have a chance, but I was determined to give it my all. My efforts earned myself a 2nd place finish! I was elated - so proud of myself for sticking with it! The year before, I cramped so bad with all the hills and the heat that I had to quit that race. Beating my mental game this time, made my spot on the podium just that much sweeter.

What's Your Most Embarrassing Race Memory? Without knowing it, I didn't tighten my back wheel enough before a crit. When I stood up to accelerate, my wheel clunked to the side really hard. So hard that I was sure someone hit my back wheel and knocked it loose or out of true. It started wobbling back and forth, rubbing the breaks constantly, and I was sure I should get a free race lap because someone bumped into me and knocked my wheel loose. No one hit me, it was just my wheel about to fall off, because I didn't tighten it properly. Ugh. It stinks to be wrong.

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